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Old Age


You really should spend an hour listening to someone who’s lived twice as long as you, because you will hear something funny and clever, touching and probably astonishing. 

Most old people are more interesting than most young people.

Kevin home alone


Kevin sits quietly in his front room surrounded by pottery.

The room has the smell of exhausted air.


A clock ticks loudly in the background that would infuriate anyone else who had something else to listen to.

Here time doesn't go quietly. Everything harks to an absent women. Her knick knacks and momentums, the holiday souvenirs.


He has diabetes a heart condition, swollen ankles, but that's not what ails him, he is old and alone.  



Jack the lad


In our caring society we fend off our old people, by passing them over to NHS, or nursing homes. We use money to insulate ourselves from them and visit them once a week if there lucky.


we just cannot supply them with anything worth living for, like respect, love and companionship.



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