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Out of Sight out of Mind


We collectively refuse to look at the old, to be in a room with them, to ask them into our lives. We would rather consign them to a nursing home where they are out of sight and out of mind.

Peggy, sad and precious


Alzheimer's is a death sentence or as Peggy puts it "You know I’ve got that terrible illness, what's its name." She still lucid and connected enough for an afternoon spent with her to be funny and emotionally stimulating and real. The slow parting is sad and precious.




Looking after an ailing parent is incredibly sad and rewarding at the same time, we didn't always see eye to eye or make each other's lives easy we could both be irritating and difficult and short tempered. But all that's gone now. There are no more positions to defend, points to be scored. The simple truth was I adored him. Throughout my life have respected him, admired him and been grateful for his love.

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